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At Midway we strive for people to live meaningful and fulfilled lives but we know that it often comes down to our incredible team to inspire and support people to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

The experience and professionalism of our passionate and caring staff, combined with the safe and stimulating environment at Midway, set the perfect conditions for people to grow and live their lives at the fullest.

Midway - Behaviour Support - Disability Services Provider

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Midway Community Care also employs a large team of experienced and dedicated support staff who bring a wealth of knowledge and like skills. Our staff are committed to improving the lives of people with disability by enhancing opportunities both at home and throughout our community.

If you wish to apply for a position within Midway, please email your resume and cover letter to the attention of the Human Resources department to recruitment@midwaycc.com.au

Midway Community Care acknowledges the generous help and support provided by our volunteers and wishes to express its sincere thanks to: 

  • Board of Directors of Midway Community Care

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