Organisational Chart

Our structure represents our organisation

At Midway, our structure represents our organisation. A purposeful co-ordination of team and support to ensure that the people we support are at the forefront of everything that we do and we serve them with nothing short of excellence.

Midway Organisational Chart - Disability services provider Mandurah
Midway - Local NDIS Provider - Mandurah and Peel Region - Organisation Chart
People We Support

Our actions are determined by your needs and wants. As often as possible and as much as you want to, we work on a “Shared Management” basis to ensure people are always at the center and the origin of the creation, designing and implementation of the services.

For that we always make sure the following principles are respected:

Independent Living – the right to be a citizen with full access to an ordinary life

Self Determination – The right to be in control of your own life and be acknowledged as the expert in ‘you’ and for your views and preferences to be acknowledged and reflected in your support arrangement

Flexibility – the right to decide how to use your resources and how they will be managed to best suit you and your lifestyle

Choice – the right to choose how much responsibility you have within a Shared Management arrangement based on your choice, preference and ability

Mutual Agreement – the right to be treated fairly and honestly in how an agreement is reached

Trust – the right to be trusted as an equal partner in the Shared Management arrangement regardless of the level of responsibility chosen

Support Workers

After you and your family, Support Workers are the most important piece of the foundation for our structure.

They are the ones that are available every day for to support you in your journey to independent living and skills development step after step.

They are the ones who make Midway’s vision come to life by empowering people to live fulfilled lives day after day and truly opening the path for inclusion through the positive image they reflect in the community with their professionalism and dedication, during everyday community participation activities and movements.

Team Leaders

Team Leaders play a critical role in the organization. They provide direct leadership for each service and work to ensure support workers are engaged and people’s needs are met.

Often they are the first people families and individuals are in contact with and their values help Midway to be the great organization we are today.


All Managers involved in Service Delivery at Midway have been experienced support workers themselves.

They need to understand not just the needs of the people we support but also Team Leaders and Support Workers.

Having this practical experience is a great asset to helping us provide quality support and meaningful lives.

Executive Team

Finally, without our Executive Team, it would be difficult to ensure that the operations and relationships between all the different stakeholders are going according to our plan (as a matter of fact, according to the Strategic Plan) and that no new opportunity for people, including staff, to live more independent, fulfilled lives is missed.

Additionally, the Executive Team has a role of compliance and ensuring respect and adherence to the highest standards in a continuous improvement objective.

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