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At Midway, we are committed to partnering with you to live your life, your way

Promoting and maintaining individual’s independence, in their own homes while embracing a meaningful and full life is at the heart of Midway’s values and goals. Ensuring that all individuals maintain regular inclusion within the community is just as important as living in a safe, clean and secure residence.

We believe this is important for every person we support. Our accommodation services are designed with high quality living standards, and meaningful community engagement at the forefront of our service practice and commitment. A variety of high quality individualised accommodation services are available, tailored to meet your unique needs.

What are the different main living options provided?

Supported Independent Living


Shared Residential Houses
(3-4 residents)

SIL (Supported Independent Living) refers to the living options available to individuals who require support to live independently in the community.

Supported independent living sounds a little bit of a contradiction but it basically means we support a person to live away from their family home or parents to live an independent life.

Most of these accommodations are multi-person residences. All residents have their own large bedroom and usually an ensuite bathroom and the lounge, kitchen and outdoor areas are common areas.


24/7 support staff

Fortnightly Board fees include rent, weekly food shopping, utilities, furniture purchases and replacements for the common areas, property maintenance and Insurance
Shared Garden

Lawncare and Garden Tidying provided by Volunteers and Contractors

Individualised Living Options


1 or 2 Bedrooms Independent Living Units within Complexes (1 resident)

ILO (Independent Living Option) refers to Living options for individuals who are able to live independently in their own unit or house with minimal support – usually a support worker will call in on them for a few hours a week to ensure they are going okay, encouraging them to maintain their living areas and personal care and to support them with any administrative tasks or any other need.

Weekly rent at a reduced rate compared to the market

Our Accommodations

We have more than 35 individual accommodation sites made up of individual residential homes, some with detached independent living units, complete unit complexes, individual units within other complexes, two rural farms and a semi-rural property with an independent living unit. Properties are either purpose built or modified to suit individual residents’ needs.

Most of our accommodations have been built or modified with accessible bathrooms, wide doorways and hallways and extra large bedrooms. We provide furniture and fittings for the common areas of the property while the resident furnishes their own bedroom.

All of our houses have gardens and residents can raise a vegetable garden or participate in as much gardening as they wish.

Apart from two farm properties situated in Parklands, all of our properties are located within Mandurah and have great access to public transport, health services and shopping. This is always kept in mind when we make property purchases.

Good location


Spacious, modern & clean


Furnished common areas

Adapted accessibility

Currently we only have one property with a fenced below ground pool. This works really well for individuals that are not comfortable going out in the community however, we prefer to encourage people to be out and about in the community and access the public pool and facilities at Mandurah Aquatic & Recreation Centre.

What is the process to receive Funding?

Each resident is highly involved in planning their life, with input from the people in their life, such as family members and advocates. We focus on the positives and choose to develop and grow people to their full potential. We believe that everyone, both staff and residents, are capable of achieving wonderful things.

Services are designed around the individuals choices, needs and goals to create a service where Midway and the individual have a customized and personalized service specific to the individuals needs.

After meeting with our team and having identified your specific needs and determined your preferences, to facilitate your access to funding our staff will explain to you the process to follow and make sure to ensure that your chances to receive a favorable answer are maximised.

More information on how to apply for funding on the NDIS website.

Why choose Midway?

Being created from families over 30 years ago, Midway continues to uphold a strong family based values ethos throughout our support team. These values promote all of us to pursue a good life for every individual. We have a strong commitment to deliver a high standard of service that is personalised, meaningful and client driven.

Moving forward Midway engages itself to make all the new builds accessible, and continuously develop the options available for people to choose from.

For more information call Midway on (08) 9535 5500 or email us at

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