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Midway Community Care is a not for profit organisation with limited fundraising resources, all your fundraising contributions are very much appreciated and will go towards optimising the quality of life for adults and children living with disabilities.

To begin fundraising for Midway Community Care now, simply call Reception and register your fundraising idea on: (08) 9535 5500 or via email:

We have come up with some great fundraising ideas to get you started. Midway Community Care relies on the support of the community, kindness of its supports and every dollar helps.  So get your family, friends, work mates or school buddies together and make a difference now.

Fundraising platforms

To begin fundraising for Midway Community Care now, simply call or email and register your fundraising idea.

Some Fundraising Ideas

Afternoon/ Morning Tea

Have family and friends get together and bring a plate of food. Charge to attend.


Auction Get goods donated and auction them off.

Benefit Night

Get your local school or group to do a charity performance, where proceeds go to Midway.

Book Sale

Gather books and magazines from friends and family and have a book sale.

Breakfast/ Luncheon/ Dinner

With a profile personality. Charge to come along.  Run some other fundraisers during the meal, such as raffle or a silent auction.

Bus Tour

Arrange a bus tour and charge to attend.

Cake Stall

Have your family and friends do a cook up and sell the goodies.

Car Wash

Wash cars for a fee.

Casual Clothes Day

Make a donation to go casual.  You could also make it a themed day, such as “Green”- it isn’t easy being green.

Cocktail Party

Hold a fun party and charge to come along – other fundraisers can also be done on the night.

Colouring In Competition

Hold a competition at your local school with a gold coin entry fee. Winner gets a prize.

Computer Games Playoff

Get your friends together and charge them to enter a playoff – with an ultimate winner at the end of the day!

Consignment Sales

Items to be sold on consignment with a percentage of the selling price being received by the fundraiser.

Dance/ Disco

Hold a dance, charge for entry.

Dinner Party With Friends

Sell the menu and wine on the night e.g. $20 per head for dinner and $5 per glass of wine/ beer.


Ask for donations.

Fashion Parade

Host a fashion parade at your school or organisation; ask local designers or retailers to support you.

Garage Sale

Hold a garage sale and donate proceeds to Midway Community Care.  Get your family and friends to get all their old stuff for you to sell.

Guess How Many In The Jar

Fill a jar with lollies and get people to pay for their guesses, the most accurate guess wins the jar.

Insert A Caption Competition

Get a photo of someone in your group and have people pay to enter the competition to come up with the best caption. Winner gets a prize.

Karaoke Night

Get friends together and charge to come along or even to sing-along

Lunch Money Donation

Instead of buying lunch, get people to donate their lunch money for a day/ week; and bring lunch with them.

Mad Mobiles

Have a penalty for each time your mobile phone goes off.  Money to go in the jar.  Like a swear jar competition.

Movie Theatre Night

Approach local cinema re: A charity night

Pick The Pic…

Baby guessing competition. Get friends, work mates or family together and to bring in a baby photo of themselves.  People need to guess which picture is who. Charge $5 to enter. The winner gets a prize.

Publish A Cookbook Or Calendar

Get family and friends/ work mates to give you their favourite recipe or photo. Sell the end result.

Quiz Day/ Night

Hold a Quiz night

Sausage Sizzle

Get sausages donated if possible, and charge for the BBQ, sell drinks too.

Sell Fundraising Items

Sell products from National Fundraising companies such as Cadbury chocolates.

Sporting Contest

Have a playoff of department against department, or class against class.

Swear Jar

Have a penalty for each time a swear word is used. Money to go in the jar.

Talent Competition

Charge people to enter and to attend the event finale.

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