Family Reference Committee

We welcome families who access service with Midway to join our Midway Family Reference Committee.


Midway was first incorporated by a group of parents in December 1987. In celebration of the 30-year anniversary of this date, it was considered important that Midway ensures families continue to have a strong voice in Midway’s future direction.

It is increasingly important that the values and principles families expect from Midway are not lost, with the introduction of the NDIS in Mandurah causing growth and expanding service models. This committee creates a formal point or reference to ensure this voice is not lost.



  1. To support the Mission, Vision and Values of Midway;
  2. To act as a key reference point for feedback and input into Midway’s services and related activities;
  3. To provide insight and advice on areas that families would like Midway to focus particularly around communication, service delivery and sector change; and
  4. Where reasonably possible, to support all families to have meaningful input into Midway’s services and related activities.
  5. All information related to specific clients should be avoided or kept confidential as per Midway’s Privacy, Dignity, Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy.


Meeting Structure

  • When:  Every two months meeting or as determined by the Chairperson.
  • Where: At the Midway office in Galbraith Loop. Meeting room to be provided.
  • Who: The Committee is composed of no more than 8 families comprising a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and the Committee appointed Secretary. For the formation of the Committee the roles are held by;
  • How: Members are by personal nomination with elected membership only being required should more than 8 families nominate.

The term of each position is 12 months. With a review to occur at the mid-year meeting.

All minutes are reviewed and approved by the Committee.


Family Feedback

Feedback from the meetings is provided to the Board of Midway.

Membership of the Committee is voluntary.

If you have any items you would like to see added to the Agenda and discussed at a Family Reference Committee meeting, please email


To join or for more information please contact

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