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About This Service

Midway’s Community Participation service aims to partner with you to create unique and safe opportunities to develop life skills enabling you to get involved within your community.

Midways community inclusion service works with you to create opportunities to form new friendships, improve social and communication skills as well as supporting you to become engaged in fun and accessible community-based programs developing social and life skills tailored to your needs.

Values - Community

How Our Service Works

We will assist you to plan and develop your own journey through listening to what is important to you and what you would like to learn. You can expect the supports to be individualised and tailored to your goals, dreams and aspirations. We will assist you to grow in confidence through pursuing your interests in life and learning new skills that will increase your confidence in life and the community.

Midway maintain a culture of support and development for the people that access our services and staff. Our staff are enthusiastic and dedicated and have access to regular training. Midway can provide a wide range of services that are creative, interesting and holistic.

The services include:


Capacity building to develop life skills that are relevant and transferable

Developing interpersonal skills, social connections and making lifelong friends whilst having fun
Personal growth through active learning
Accessing sport, recreation and leisure within the community

Support individuals to explore and experience employment opportunities through the Midway Community Ambassador Program.

Transition through life stages including leaving school
Community Participation Midway Ladies

How the Service is Provided

The service will be provided in a flexible manner and through maintaining a clear respect for a person’s rights and dignity. Midway hold strong values for all legal and ethical requirements. Each service will be individual and tailored to your needs.

Midway Community Ambassador Program

Our Community Ambassador Program helps develop opportunities for training and employment to develop your strengths and experiences through a wide variety of voluntary roles in sporting clubs, community centres, charities, local businesses etc. within the Mandurah region.

We work with you to understand where your passions and interest are and then transform this into opportunities tailored specifically to you giving you the experience a wide variety of community-based roles through a portfolio of organisations committed to the program and its development.

For further information, or if you are a business within the Mandurah region and are interested in becoming part of the Community Ambassador Program, please call Midway on (08) 9535 5500.

Flexible Support Services

Primary Aim

Our Flexible Support Service provides a wide range of support to assist people with disability, families and carers living in the community. The primary aim of the Flexible Support Services is to build and enhance people and family well-being and strengthen family, carer and community relationships.

These supports are offered in a number of different ways including in-home support, community participation, respite, assistance with key life stages (e.g. leaving school, thinking about work); the options are endless.


As a result of these flexible measures, individuals and their families or carers should be enabled to achieve the following outcomes:


Existing and new relationships, community connections and support networks are developed and enhanced;


Individual and family/carer capacity are strengthened to promote and maintain a positive home environment;


Independence of a person with a disability is facilitated, maintained and enhanced;


Individuals, families and/or carers engage in community activities that are appropriate for the life course of the person with a disability, reflecting their personal and cultural identity; and


Access to and inclusion in the community is increased.

Flexible Support Services Midway
Flexible Support Services Midway

Midway Community Care will tailor this service to your needs. Support may include someone coming into your home to provide personal care or providing opportunities for community inclusion and socialisation.

This main goal of the program is to assist people with disabilities to remain with their family and provides families with a break from their caring role.

For more information please call Midway on (08) 9535 5500.

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